IMG_3633Multi-session (4-8 sessions) Mini-Courses

In the past the CFAR has offered these mini-courses:

  • In conjunction with the PeaceCENTER, an 8 session course on Karen Armstrong’s book, 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
  • Based on the work of Brian Swimme, an 8 session course on Cosmology and Consciousness
  • A 6-session seminar on facilitating inclusive meetings and learning how to reach consensus.
  • Transforming Burnout, Self-Care and Time Management
  • Working with peers or supervisors with different working styles
  • Collaboration/Coalition Building
  • How to make the world a better place through personal/organizational purchases
  • Basic Mental Health Counseling/skills

When these mini-courses are offered at CFAR we suggest a $10 donation for each session (2 hours) or $50 donation for all 6 sessions, or a $60 donation for all 8 sessions. But if you cannot afford this please participate anyway. You can volunteer to help us set up or tear down as your donation.


CFAR training seminars are offered by fully qualified and experienced trainers.