CFAR – The Center for Formative Action and Reflection

A holistic center for, by, and with community-based workers, leaders and ministers

circle picMission:

CFAR is a holistic center that connects, supports, nourishes and trains individuals who serve in front line community organizations.

A bit more about the proposed mission:
Our community is in need of an oasis specifically designed for, by and with social service workers, leaders and ministers; a place and space where they know they will be welcomed, supported, emotionally nourished, intellectually challenged and spiritually developed. A place where they can find the strength they need to serve our community in life giving ways, avoid burnout, and continue to transform themselves and the community around them.

Our Vision:

A supportive and sustainable environment where people engaged in community based work thrive.

What services does CFAR offer?

Reflection Circles are CFAR’s core program. CFAR has established a home for future and current Reflection Circles. These circles involve a wide variety of community-based workers, leaders and ministers. Currently circles exist involving over many participants, but it is our view that many more circles are needed in our community. Reflection circles are flexible, confidential, structured, case-based, support meetings, which enable participants to learn from their own and other’s ongoing successes and challenges. They are participant-driven and enable members to integrate formal training with a wide variety of wisdom sources so as to improve their day-to-day personal and professional decision-making. They are also known as Wisdom Circles, Clarity Committees, Dialogue circles, Theological Reflection Circles or Circles of Trust.

CFAR is nearly an all volunteer effort, and genuine partnership between Divine Redeemer, ReEvaluation Counseling group, CFAR Consulting and the CFAR Leadership Council.

CFAR’s Impact in 2018:

  • CFAR coordinated 6 monthly Reflection Circles and provides support to two non-CFAR circles involving over 60 participants, with a new CFAR circle to begin in early 2019. (see our website for more info on what a circle is,
  • Offered ongoing weekly Yoga and Meditation classes from Jan through July involving 15-20 participants.
  • Offered various training/formation seminars ranging anywhere from 1 to 8 hours in length involving over 200 participants

For more info see:

Contact: Don D. Arispe PhD; Lead Animator, 210 219-8257,