values logoOur Core Values

The Center for Formative Action and Reflection (CFAR) serves our community with compassion.

CFAR respects the inherent dignity of each person we are privileged to serve.

CFAR strives to model a balance of emotions, intellect, spirit and body, demonstrating integrity in all our actions.

CFAR engages in transparent, participatory, and accountable decision-making, continually reflecting upon decisions so that actions are effective, efficient, always evolving and altruistic.

CFAR Leadership Council (CLC)

  • Doris Aguirre (Resident Services Coordinator, Merced Housing of Texas)
  • Don Arispe, (Social Worker, CFAR Lead Animator, Adjunct Faculty, Oblate School of Theology and University of the Incarnate Word, owner CFAR Consulting)
  • Kimberly Arispe, (Family Services Assoc, Financial Empowerment Center Director)
  • Teresa Barajas (Community Activist, Support Group and Reflection Circle Facilitator, Co-leader of oldest Base Christian Community in this region, Domesticas Unidas)
  • Rosalinda Fly (Professional Bookkeeper)
  • Joleen Garcia (Executive Director, Martinez Street Women’s Center)
  • Leslie Kelsie-Grubbs (Executive Director, Urban Connections)
  • Robert Mueller (Pastor, Divine Redeemer Presbyterian, Yoga Instructor)
  • Steven Sano (Red Cross Project Director, PhD Student, UTSA Adjunct Faculty)
  • Veronica Saunders (YWCA, Director- After School Challenge Program)
  • Yolanda Uranga PhD (Community Development Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, Our Lady of the Lake University)
  • Sheila Castle (Grants Manager, Family Service Association)
  • Variak Khus, (Independent Development Consultant)

* Jeremy Everett, Honorary Member. Baylor University, Director of the Texas Hunger Initiative