CFAR’s Current Logo | 2019




CFAR’s First Logo | 2012 – 2018


The symbol above has been named the “torus.” Some have speculated that the torus, a recurring pattern found in atoms and galaxies alike, is a universal template for equilibrium and sustainability. Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize in 1921 partially because he discovered that the universe is comprised of little packets of wholeness called “quanta.”  These little packets of wholeness always manifest in the same basic pattern—the Torus. These packets are made out of their surroundings but are distinct within it, very much like a whirlpool in water.

The torus is the primary pattern that nature uses for life. This idea is surprisingly relevant to current global and local issues, since all matter, at its most fundamental level, is made from these whole packets of energy.  Furthermore, so many human systems are non-sustainable and are significantly altering this planet.  Thus it is incumbent upon us to emulate natural sustainable patterns if we are to survive as a species, and learn to blend with our fundamental structure so that we can co-create with all and everyone around us. How does the universe sustain life? Discovering the patterns that answer this question, and emulating these patterns must become central to our quest as a species if we are not only to survive, but also to thrive.

In the torus, energy flows through one end, circulates around the center, and exits out the other end. It is a pattern that is always balanced, self-regulating and whole. Research has demonstrated that when a Reflection Circle operates at its best, this is the same pattern that emerges. The Reflection Circles process is at the heart of all that we do at CFAR.

The Torus is a self-organizing pattern/system that allows the system to know itself; much like the reflection circle’s ability to enable participants to better know themselves. Torus-like patterns are present throughout the universe. In short, the universe is a torus-growing factory. The torus is like the breath of the universe; it’s the form that the flow of energy takes at every level of existence. At CFAR we strive to cooperate with this fundamental flow of energy in all that we do for, by and with the community we are privileged to serve.