Process Note CycleThe entire note should be no more than 3 pages.  Please do not use real names if you plan to share this with anyone else; this note is about you and for you.  It is a structured way of journaling.
Download this information as a printable PDF.

Step 1) Background–Please describe your experience/ issue/event that you want to process. Write as if you were going to read your process note to someone who is not familiar with the situation.

  • Who are the people involved? (no real names)
  • What are the facts at hand as you see them?
  • What issue(s) are you most concerned about?

Step 2) Feelings—Please describe what your feelings are regarding your experience/issue/event.

  • What are your immediate reactions to this situation? Ex. uneasiness, lack of concentration, disquiet, etc.
  • What do you feel in your body before you do any reflection upon your experience? anger, disappointment, humiliation, tension, shaking, etc.

Step 3) Step back— Try to take a step away from the experience.

  • What are your Thoughts about this situation?
  • Try to analyze yourself—why do you feel this way? Analyze the situation around you-why are things the way they are?
  • What/who are these feelings reminding you of? Think back to your earliest memory of these feelings, who do these people/this situation represent from your past?
  • What have you learned from your training or education that can help you with this situation?

Step 4) Once you have you exhausted your ability to analyze this situation Quiet your thinking

  • Do whatever it is you do to quiet your thinking—pray, meditate, yoga, etc…
  • What do you experience when you listen to silence?
  • In other words, what is Wisdom whispering in your ear? Let it wash over you.

Step 5) New Insights – Read over steps 1-4. What new insights have emerged (if any).

  • What possible Actions are you being prompted to consider?

Step 6) Integration—bring all the pieces together,

  • What did you learn from reflecting this way?

Below is this same information but expressed graphically…