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Reflection Circles are unique; they are several things at once:

  • An opportunity to learn how to make holistic decisions (heart, head, soul, & action).
  • An opportunity to learn how to journal in a holistic manner
  • A support group and learning community
  • Ongoing education/training seminars
  • Authentically participant driven
  • Opportunities for participants to encounter and develop wisdom, healing and compassion.
  • Based on the tenets of Adult Transformative Education.
  • Iterative (cumulative) in approach—one has to engage over and over in the process for it to have a truly transformative impact upon them (sorry no shortcuts to transformation).

How does the Reflection Circle Process (RCP) Work?

STEP I—on your own look inside and journal

The RCP begins with a circle member, prior to the gathering of a circle, writing a “process note” (several formats are available upon request) about a work related or personal development issue that they would like to share with their circle and receive feedback about. The process note helps circle members’ describe their issue(s) in a holistic manner (heart, head and soul).

STEP 2—Share your Process Note with your circle

When the circle gathers we follow the following format:

  • We share a meal and socialize to give all members time to arrive and to shift from their busy day to the circle gathering at hand.
  • A centering exercise is offered to help members shift their focus further away from their every day-to-day activity and remind all that we are entering into sacred space.
  • The author of the process note, or the “presenter,” then reads and elaborates what they have written to their circle members. The floor is theirs for as long as they need it without interruption. All is shared in strict confidence. While this is occurring, circle members listen with absolute attentiveness, taking notes about issues they would like to clarify, or wisdom they would like to share later in the meeting.
  • Once the presenter’s sharing is over, the presenter is asked questions of clarification. These questions assist the presenter in further clarifying and reflecting upon what they have shared. The questions also help members get a clearer idea of what the presenter is trying to convey.
  • Once all circle members understand what has been shared to the best of their ability the presenter is then asked if they would like feedback (in 20 years no one has ever said “no” to feedback). At this point group members provide affirmation, gentle challenge, and words of wisdom.
  • Once feedback is complete, the presenter is asked to discuss what actions/insights they are now considering or changing. They are also asked to make an attempt to integrate all they have heard and experienced and share it with the group.
  • The circle then closes and arrangements are made for the next presenter and gathering date.